ICCCS 2017

We are delighted to invite you to participate in 2nd International Conference on Computer and Computational Sciences (ICCCS- 2017) in ITS Engineering College Greater Noida, India during April 28-29, 2017. This is the 2nd International Conference being organised by ITS Engineering College. The main purpose of ICCCS-2017 is to provide a forum for researchers, educators, engineers, and government officials involved in the general areas of Computational Sciences and Technology to disseminate their latest research results and exchange views on the future research directions of these fields, to exchange computer science and integrate of its practice, application of the academic ideas, improve the academic depth of computer science and its application, provide an international communication platform for educational technology and scientific research for the world's universities, business intelligence engineering field experts, professionals, and business executives. The ICCCS-2017 is a major multidisciplinary conference organized with the objective of bringing together researchers, developers and practitioners from academia and industry working in all areas of computer and computational sciences. It is being organized specifically to help computer industry to derive the advances of next generation computer and communication technology. Researchers invited to speak, will present the latest developments and technical solutions.


Conference attendance requires pre-registration. All presenters also...